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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


James Watson.

574 Govan Road, Glasgow.

James Watson

James Watson wine & spirit merchant sat at the corner Bryce Lane which later became known as Three Ell Lane, many will remember a pub with the same name that used to sit on this site in the 1970s. James Watson's pub was demolished and a new tenement building was srected on the same site with a public house on the ground floor. The name of the new tenement was The Three Ell Corner.

The Three Ell Bar 1977

The Three Ell Bar. 1977.

This wonderful drawing by C. K. Fletcher in 1977.

From 1918 till after WW2 the pub was run by the Public House Trust Glasgow District Ltd and the licence was held by John McLaren Biggar, the other Public House Trust pub was at 18 London Street.

Another well known licence holders here was Merrless Chassels, he owned the Cottage Bar, Shettleston Road, licensed premises at 22 Elder Street, Govan and Govan Arms, 783-85 Govan Road.

Patrick Clancy ran the pub in the 1970s, he also owned the pub at 22 Elder Street and licensed premises at 401 Sauchiehall Street which is now the Variety Bar.


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