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803 Govan Road, Glasgow. G51 3DJ.Tel: 01414451349.



Brechin's. 1991.

Also known by some of the locals as the Black Man's, after the statue of Sir William Pearce which stands outside the pub. To read the history of the Brechin family click here.

Also see Brechin's Bar Gallowgate.

Mr John Drake of Messrs William Brechin & Son, Glasgow. 1906.

In 1888 from the Trade news "THE BLENDING OF WHISKY."

A marked feature of the past year has been the increased number of Specially Blends that have been added to an already overwhelming list. The popular taste here in Scotland seems to be for matured and bonded whiskies, and as a consequence, inexperienced and ignorant blenders have in many cases rushed in, and numerous so-called "Specials" have been foisted on the public as "best blends," when in reality they were only miserable concoctions of inferior whiskies assimilated together without regard to their qualities.

But when we are asked to assist as the reporter says at a blending of 12,000 proof gallons, of the best brands of Scotch Whiskies, such as that of the Messrs. Brechin & Son, of Gallowgate, last month, the science of blending assumes quite a different aspect, nay more, while the above firm is putting this enormous quantity into bond at present, we are reminded that there is a similar lot lying in bond already, and which along with the present blend will be allowed to mature in Messrs. Lang's Clyde Bonding Stores, Cadogan Street, for some years to come. The advantages of this wholesale storing is at once obvious. As a token of Messrs. Brechin's skill and discernment in Whisky Blending we give the principal Brands included :- Long John, Ardbeg, Cragganmore, Talisker, Lagavulin, Bunnahabbain, Campbeltown, Highland Park, and Glen Urie. The bungs of the first casks were knocked in, before a small party of gentlemen, and the liquor allowed to flow into the vat.


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