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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Bells Bar.

575 Govan Road, Glasgow, G51.

Bells Bar

Bells Bar. 1991.

In 1892 this old Govan local was called Paterson's, owned by Mrs Janet Paterson. This lady also owned another public house at 43 Albert Street / Windsor Street, Govan. Albert Street was later changed to Orkney Street.

Manager of the pub for many years was Mr Donald Ross, pictured below.

Thanks to Douglas Ross for sending this image of Mr Donald Ross.

Email stated...

Hi John, I wonder if you could help me or offer me advice on where to look for the relevant info.
 My Great Grandfather was Donald Ross who was the manager of the still current Bells Bar around the late 1800's and/or early 1900's. Family folkelore tells me that he also ran another pub in Govan, but don't know which one. Apparently his older brother Robert was also in the trade and could have worked at either of these pubs.
Donald worked for the Wine and Spirit Merchant - Mrs Paterson. Donald died in December 1918 at the age of 54, after an sinus operation went wrong [chloroform] in the ENT Hospital in Elmbank Street, Glasgow.
I suppose I'm just looking for documented evidence of this and wonder where to look, i.e. Mitchell Library.
You are welcome to use this photo on the 'Bells Bar' web page together with the fact that Donald was manager. Would you be able to 'post' this message on your website in the hope that one of your readers may know something? It would be great to know the years he worked there and the name of the other pub he ran - maybe you can get this from Mrs Paterson's records as she probably owned the other pub in Govan as well.
Anything you can find out would be greatly appreciated.

Do you know anything about Bell's Bar or Mr Donald Ross? If so please do get in touch. Cheers.

Mr Donald Ross

Mr Donald Ross, manager of Bell's Bar.

The Late Mr Donald Ross. 1918.

Mr Donald Ross was perhaps the best known member of a well-known and highly respected family of brothers and sisters who at different periods came from the extreme north of Scotland (Caithness-shire) and became located in Govan, identifying themselves in different ways with the trade and life of the burgh.

Mr Ross was associated with his brothers as responsible and trustworthy servants of the Clyde Trust in their cross-river ferry traffic, for a number of years. He later entered the services of Mrs Paterson, wine and spirit merchant, and acted in the responsible capacity of manager for a long terms of years.

He became exceedingly well-known to a large number of townsmen, and by all was held in the highest respect. Mr Ross for a considerable time had not enjoyed robust health, but his death following an operation in a nursing home, came as a shock to most of his wide circle of friends.

Mr Ross was of a rather brusque nature, but few were more kindly, and his genial presence will be much missed by a wide circle. Mr Ross was a member of the Free Church of Scotland, and a brother of Masonic Lodge Govandale, 437, who were represented at the funeral by deputation, and Rev. Mr King, chaplain, conducted service at the grave. Much sympathy was shown to Mrs Ross and family in their bereavement.


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