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486 Cathedral Street, Glasgow.



Stewart's bar sat on Cathedral Street between Buchanan Street and Dundas Street.

In the 1870s Thomas Brown was licensee, the pub stayed in the family until the beginning of the 1900s.

Margaret Brown acquired the licence in 1901 as one of the trustee's of John Stewart. The licence was transferred to Charles Stewart in 1907, he was one of the executors of the late John Stewart. Charles occupied the premises until the end of WW1. Matilda Harbinson Stewart then took over as licensee, she was remarried to Mr Allan in the 1940s.

Alexander McEwan was running the pub in the 1960s, he also ran pubs at 218 Paisley Road West, the Grapes Bar, 212-14 Kelvinhaugh Street, The Comet Bar and 67 Castle Street, the Cot Bar.

Stewart's Bar was closed down in the 1960s and demolished shortly afterwards.


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