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Stirrup Cup.

183 Main Street, Rutherglen.


Stirrup Cup

Stirrup Cup. 1991.

In the NEWS 1979...

Stirrup Cup, Rutherglen 1979

Lesley Obeys A "Royal Command".

Gorbals Born singer Lesley Arden has just received a "royal command" to do a show in the Isle of Man, before Princess Anne.

The offer came from her former boss, bandleader Ivy Benson.

And it was one Lesley couldn't refuse, because with it came two tickets on the plane to Douglas and a guarantee of "X" number of pounds.

Lesley refuses to talk about the amount involved. She wouldn't divulge that Ivy was giving her £60 for singing two songs before the Royal lady.

Lesley, who was with Ivy Benson (69) for eight years, went solo after leaving the band and is recently back from a six months working tour of the Caribbean on a luxury liner.

Recently she has been working the Scottish Club circuit. Since then Lesley has been "doubling" as part-time barmaid at the Stirrup Cup bar in Rutherglen, where her sister Esther is manager.

She is pictured here celebrating her new showbiz date.


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