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149 Main Street, Rutherglen, Glasgow. G73.



Tower. 1991.

The Tower situated on the corner of King Street and Main Street, Rutherglen in the shadow of the Town Hall's tower. It was one of the smallest pubs in Scotland. A mere 5 yards long and 3 yards wide. It was doubled in size in 1962 and a new lounge of the same size added on the first floor. The shop next door a former bakery was taken over by Usher's Brewery and the refurbishment was carried on, with a remodeled public bar on the ground floor and the lounge above this was one of the most up-to-date pubs in the area. The main bar was panelled in walnut, to head height with wallpaper of gold and brown stripes on the upper parts. The new solid mahogany bar counter was set at the far end. The gantry was neatly divided into shelves with glass backing.

Wall seating was added in red leather with the floor in red and cream linoleum. The lounge was entered from the front door on the left hand side, a large window looked out onto the Main Street. Again the wall panelling was of walnut and the wallpaper was of a pale lemon, the carpet was a rich green and black and ran the full length of the lounge, seating accommodation was cushioned red moquette. The counter was a replica of the downstairs, the tables were of almond shaped mahogany.

The premises were again refurbished in 1968, taking in the shop next door. The renovation work took 6 weeks. A feature in the bar was a clock with an unusual shape.

Tower interior1

left to right Donald Gordon, West of Scotland managed houses supervisor for Usher's, I G Donaldson, managing director of Usher's, R Nimmo, manager of the managed houses, Usher's. At the opening of the new lounge 1962.

Interior view of the Tower Bar 1968

The new Lounge Bar. 1968.

The Tower Bar, Main Street, reopened after a six week renovation. A new lounge bar, shaped from the acquired shop next door, had been added. Fitted out in modern decor, the lounge can seat between 40 and 50 people and has a clock with an unusual design.

Mr James Gordon of Usher's

The Tower Bar was taken over by Usher's brewery in 1963. The manager was Mr William Sangster. James Gordon, Usher's area supervisor pulled the first pint.

Update November 2009. The Tower Bar has closed down and is now a Bookies, thanks to Norrie McNamee for the images..

formerly the Tower Bar

William Hill the bookies has taken over the old Tower Bar. November 2009.


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