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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Viking Bar.

33 Queen Street, Rutherglen, Glasgow. G73 1JP. Tel: 0141 647 5155.


The Viking Bar

The Viking Bar. 1991.

William Miller was born in Rutherglen, his father for many years conducted a bakery business in conjunction with a licensed house in the Burgh. The shop was very popular and the pies which he served became a notable feature of the establishment. William Miller served his apprentiship with his father in the bakery trade. When his father died his mother took over the running of this thriving business, William then took around 1888 and acquired a new licence for premises at the corner of King Street and Queen Street in 1894.

William then severed his connection with the bakery trade to devote his time to his new public house. William stayed in the same house for 48 years afterwards moving to Jedburgh Terrace, Rutherglen. Mr Miller loved bowling gaining many trophies for his efforts, he was a member of the Rutherglen Bowling Club, a member of the local Curling Club. In the trade he was a member of the Benevolent Institution a life member of two masonic lodges no.116 and no347., he was also an honorary member of the Rutherglen Fleshers, Free Gardeners of the British Order, Member of the Eastern Merchants Society and if this was not enough for him, in his spare time he loved to fly the doe's (pigeon's,) and was a dog lover.

Another well known publican to own this pub was Robert Williamson who took over the licence in 1931. Mr Williamson's son Robert took over the running of the pub and added a new lounge bar in 1957. The pub was called the Queen's Bar and the Viking Lounge.

A few years ago I was in the pub just before it was refurbished, the name above the door has now changed to Dr. Gorman's, the lady serving drinks behind the bar is Mrs Williamson daughter of Robert Williamson. The pub is not in the Williamson family any more but she has insisted on staying on serving the locals, so the family connection is still there.

Mrs C Williamson, Robert Williamson, R Young and M Williamson licensee

Left to right Mrs C Williamson, Robert Williamson, R Young and M Williamson licensee.

The Pub is now called Dr. Gorman's.


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