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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Bristol Bar.

602 Duke Street, Glasgow. G31 1JX. Tel: 0141 554 7890.


Quarter Gill

The Quarter Gill 1991.

This popular Rangers football pub is now called the Bristol Bar, and is just one of the many Ranger's public houses on Duke Street. To read the full history of this popular east end pub click here.

Bristol Bar

The Bristol Bar. 2005.

Bristol Interior

Interior view of the Bristol Bar 2005. A large pool table takes up most of the floor space.

White Horse

This pub was formerly called The White Horse.

The Bristol Duke Street 2008

The Bristol Bar. 2008.

Cruz Club Duke Street 2008

The Cruz Club. 2008.

The Cruz Club has never opened, the owners of the Bristol Bar built the club a few years ago and never got permission or a licence to open it.


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