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The Palace Bar.

1285 Duke Street, Parkhead, Glasgow.

Palace Bar

The Palace Bar, Duke Street was situated at the corner of Salamanca Street, a stones throw from Parkhead Cross. The history of this old pub can be traced back to the very foundation of the Dalrymple family, Jane McAndrew Dalrymple obtained the licence in 1873. The Dalrymple family then had pubs on the Gallowgate, Great Eastern Road and the Trongate.

Palace Bar 1970s

Palace Bar. 1970s.

George Dalrymple & Co., were probably better known for his Home Brewery, Parkhead. The Home Brewery presents many features of more than ordinary interest, and has for many years occupied a leading position among the great brewing establishment of this city and district. Dating back in its foundation to the year 1860, when it was established originally in Whitevale Street, the business rapidly increased to such an extent that the firm found it necessary to erect a new extensive brewery at Parkhead.

The premises extend over fully three acres of ground, and comprise within their limits a large main building of three flats where the brewing operations are conducted, also extensive warehouse, stores, and workshops, a spacious suite of well appointed offices and counting house, and all the accessories of a large and thoroughly organised establishment. The premises having been specially erected for the trade, they were very compact, and place the firm in a most favourable position to maintain and extend their already large and valuable connection. Messrs. George Dalrymple & Co. brew XXX and XX stout at 50s. and 45s. per barrel; Scotch porter 20s. per barrel net; also India pale ale, from new Artesian well, at 60s. and 54s. per barrel; table beer, &c. They posed the advantage of a well of excellent water, and exercise in the selection of their stocks of malt and hops that great care and sound judgement which were acquired only by long and continued practical experience. In addition to the brewing business, Messrs. George Dalrymple & Co. were extensively engaged in the retail wine and spirit trade, and were well known for their special blends of Scotch whisky, and also imported large quantities of wines and brandies of the best vintages. They held perhaps one of the largest, and certainly one of the best selected, stocks of wines and spirits in the city. The cellars, which were very spacious, contain some very rare and choice ports, sherries, clarets, burgundy, and champagne. The firm's blends of Scotch whisky were a great favourite with connoisseurs, and in great demand where a sound, mellow, and fine flavoured whisky was valued.

The firm send out energetic travellers, covering the whole of Scotland. Mr George Dalrymple, who was the sole proprietor of the business, was a gentleman possessing the advantage of long and thorough experience, and occupied a very influential position in social and mercantile circles, being an ex-magistrate of Kinning Park, and was the President of the Scottish Wine, Spirit, and Beer Trade Association.

The Home Brewery was eaten up by the larger Tennent Caledonian Brewery, Wellpark, who also took over other smaller breweries in the city.


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