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The Loudoun Arms Hotel.

259 Duke Street, Glasgow.


Loudoun Arms Hotel

The Loudoun Arms Hotel was owned by Mrs Loudoun in 1899. To read the history of this Glasgow hotel and the Louden tavern on Duke Street Click here.

In 1915 John Barr manager of the Dechmont Bar, Uddingston had been appointed manager of the Louden Arms Hotel, Duke Street, Glasgow.

The Louden Arms stood in Duke Street opposite the cattle marcket. Here the Kail Club met, and a leading feature of the gathering was a hare soup, for which the house was famous.

Highly-coloured sign adorned its front, with the arms of the Loudon Family, with a man at arms and woman as supporters, the latter wearing an enormous turban-like head-dress. The shield or escutcheon had eight esctions, four of them coloured poppy-red, the other four being white, picked out with ermines. The site is now occupied by the Parish Council Eastern Hospital. 1923.


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