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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Morrison's Tavern.

6 Duke Street, Glasgow.


Morrison's Tavern was in the same family for over forty years. In 1875 Thomas Morrison was license holder he was followed by his wife Isabella who had spent more than forty years serving the locals here. Mrs Morrison had a reputation for her good quality liquor. She was a shrewd, far-seeing lady from the north of Scotland, a shrewdness which had stood her in good stead since she came to Glasgow. After a long lapse of time the tavern had gone to increase in popularity, a fact largely due to the genial disposition of the proprietrix. She was well known in the licensing courts as there was never a bad moment in the time she held the licence, this was due to the manner in which he conducted the tavern. The old Tavern was demolished around 1905.


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