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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Ross-shire Bar.

20 Greenhaugh Street, Govan, Glasgow.


Ross-shire govan

In 1899 Thomas Russell was the landlord for this old established Govan howff.

Murdo MacKenzie took over the business in 1918 and continued as licensee until the late 1940s.

During the 1950s James Mulholland owned the pub, he also ran a pub at 31 South Portland Street. In 1962 the licence was transfered to Hughina Stewart Foulds Mulholland, she held the licence until the 1970s.

Ross-shire group

Annul dinner dance, left to right Mr & Mrs Chasson, Ross-shire Bar, Mr & Mrs E Mulholland, Ross-shire Bar, Mr & Mrs Joseph Fleck, Mr & Mrs J McAulay, Boghead Inn, Carmunnock, George Grier, Mrs Johnstone, Mrs Lundie, Mr M Haxton, Mrs A Anderson, Mrs Grier, Mr A Anderson, George Younger's. 1958.

Ross-shire group1

Left to right Mr & Mrs J D Boyd, Boghead Inn, Mrs & Mr James Mulholland, Mr & Mrs J McAulay, Boghead Inn, Mrs & Mr W Chasson, Ross-shire Bar, Mrs & Mr Andrew McAulay, Kyles of Bute Bar, Govan.


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