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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Woodside Inn.

239 Maryhill Road, Glasgow. G20 7YB. Tel: 01413328639.

Woodside Inn

The Woodside Inn. 1991.

The Woodside Inn is at the corner of North Woodside Road.

From 1873 till the end of the First World War this public house was known as Thomas Galloway's. This part of Maryhill Road was called New City Road at the time. Mr Galloway a renowned wine, spirit and beer merchant ran some of the best bars in the city of Glasgow, having premises on Hope Street, Sauchiehall Street, North Street, Cowcaddens, Raeberry Street and another pub on New City Road. Many will still remember the old pub on Hope Street as the Savoy Bar and the Grand Bar, Cowcaddens.

James D Wilson Maryhill Road

James D Wilson with the Tramcar Vaults in the background. 1960s.

In the 1890s Thomas Galloway employed a manager James Paterson to look after the pub on New City Road, he later went on the manage the pub on Hope Street. Mr Paterson was born in 1854 in Carlton Place facing the River Clyde. He was educated at the Old Gorbals School which was transformed into the Board School under the well known ascetic head teacher "Specky Walker." On leaving his education young James joined the staff of Willie Gilchrist, the theatrical printer. He then when on to work as a cooper, his boss was Bailie Stewart, after a year he moved to Stirling an became a jobbing smith. A years later he returned to Glasgow on the death of his father, where he looked after his mother and the youngest of the family. Mr Paterson then worked for A Alison, wholesale grocer for three years.

After working in the wholesale trade with C Sandeman, wine merchant he joined the staff of Thomas Galloway.

In his spare time he played the banjo, cycled and was a great swimmer.

In the 1930s James D Wilson took over the running of the pub on Maryhill Road, Mr Wilson also owned pubs on West Nile Street and Byres Road and later 9 Sauchiehall Street. During the 1960s and 70s Robert Morgan Wilson was licensee for the pubs.

Grand Bar

The Grand Bar one of Galloway's establishments. 1960s.

The Inn Crowd is part of the Woodside Inn.


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