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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Grand Theatre.

Cowcaddens, Glasgow.


Mr W H Webster was manager of the Grand Theatre, Cowcaddens, Glasgow. Born in Nottingham in 1857 and educated at the High School there, he finished his studing at Trent College.

Originally intended for the Bar, his abilities and aptitude for the front and at an early age was manager of the theatre a very responcible position for someone so young.

He was a well-known amateur actor and was the founder of the Byron Amateur Dramatic Club, in connection with which he was introduced to the late Mr Joseph Eldred, who, till his death, remained his warm and esteemed friend, and under whose advice and guidance he entered the profession. His first engagement was with Mr Eldred's company, with which he had a most successful tour in 1880, playing the part of Tremolini, the waiter, in Princess of Trebizonde.

His versatility was shown in his next engagement, at the Theatre Royal, Sheffield, he acted the part of Mrs Sinbad in the pantomime of Sinbad the Sailor.


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