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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


College Bar.

87 Cowcaddens, corner of 188-290 Hope Street, Glasgow.

The Top Stop Hope Street

The Top Spot, 188-290 Hope Street. 1950's.

Originally called the Camel Vaults, other names this pub has been known to have are Theatre Royal Vaults, The College Bar, and The Top Spot.

There has been licensed premises here since 1870, owned by Glover and Francis wine and spirit merchants. The firm continued to hold the licence until 1879 .


Thanks to Mr. Alan Hale for this email... dated May 2012...

My name is Alan Hale aged 64 and my father was born inGlasgow in 1908. As a small boy from about 5, I remember returning to Glasgow from where we lived in Dartford Kent England for holidays most years. Whilst out and about with my mother and father, I remember him going to The Top Spot pub in Hope Street on a few occasions. My mother too went there on one occasion. I believe The Top Spot was only one of a few pubs at this time where women could go in. I also remember that the STV Television Studio was near by and the Top Spot pub was frequented by Andy Stewart when he was performing at the TV studios. Finally I remember my father mentioning the owner or manager at that time was a man called Gerry Fitchett (not sure of the spelling) who was came from Dartford, where our family lived. On one of my father's visits he was given a glass from the Top Spot with its name on. I still have this glass and have attached a picture of it.This would have been mid to late 1950's I think. Cheers Alan.

Top Spot Glass

Top Spot Glass. 1950s.


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