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Old Whitefield Bar.

457-59 Govan Road, Glasgow.

The Old Whitefield Bar Govan Road

The Old Whitefield Bar, (Russell's Bar).

There has been a pub on this site from the early 1870s.

The first owner of this popular Govan Road pub was Mr Francis Lochrane, who's father was also a wine and spirit merchant trading at 9 Plantation Street. Francis resided at 2 Walmer Crescent in 1871 before moving to better accommodation 2 Cecil Place, Paisley Road.

In 1875 Francis Lochrane was a wine merchant and Strauraisse Quarry, (not known what this is), at 8 MacLean Street and lived at 2 Cecil Place, Paisley Road.

Interior of the Old Whitefield Bar Govan Road

Interior View of the Old Whitefield Bar, with manager and head-Barman on the right.

In 1880, apart from being a wine merchant, Francis was a house proprietor and Land Factor at 6 MacLean Street.

Business was good and by 1890 Francis had already expanded his bussiness, having a licensed grocer office and store at 2-4 and 6 Eaglesham Street, a public house at Plantation Building, Govan Road, and Family Grocers at 105 Allison Street, and was now residing at 12 Campside Crescent, Langside.

After Mr Francis Lochrane's death his wife Marie took over the running of the business. By 1919 Marie Lochrane was paying £120 per annum in rent for the Whitefield Bar also having pubs at 132-34 Blackburn Street, another pub at 71 Govan Road and 2-6 Eaglesham Street.

The Lochrane family gave up the trade in 1933. John Russell then became the new licensee. John's wife Marie was also well-known in the licensed trade. In 1950 John's wife Elizabeth Shaw Templeton Barclay Philip Russell was licensee, what a very long name. It is said that Mrs Russell ruled with an iron fist. All the gangsters of the day were shit scared of her!

The Russell family continued to serve the locals here until 1960. The last licensee was Patrick C Scouler.

Old Whitefield Bar Govan Road early 1960s

Derelict building with the Old Whitefield Bar, Govan Road at the corner of Whitefield Street.


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