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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Adlib sign


111 Hope Street, Glasgow. G2 6LL. Tel: 0141 248 6645.


Adlib Hope Street 2008

Adlib. 2008.

Adlib is part of the Baby Grand Group. It has an American Diner theme. There is also an Adlid at 33 Ingram Street, Glasgow. G1 1HA Telephone: 0141 552 5736.

This was formerly called Junkanoo.

Formerly called Pagga Zee

Papa Zeb 1971 advert

Advert 1971.

Pappa Zeb  1971

In 1973 the name of this popular disco was called Europa.

Europa Advert 1973

Europa Advert. 1973.


Adlib 1976

Ad-Lib, 111 Hope Street, Glasgow, Advert from 1976.


In the NEWS 1979...

New Night Club for Glasgow...

Our CITY fathers will later this month sit down to consider an application for a new night club, I can reveal. But it's the enigmatic guy behind the application that I find more interesting.

He's Eddie Topalion, late of the Ad Lib restaurant, Hope Street. Eddie has been lying low since he sold the restaurant to Gino Romano for a tidy sum, but it was no secret that he had plans to open an entertainments complex with chartered accountant Brian McVey.

That was to have been in Springfield Court, but their plans were set back because Mr McVey was refused a gaming licence for a proposed casino on the grounds that he did not have any experience.

Peculiarly, Eddie has the experience, having managed a casino in London's Soho district, but he insisted that he was not interested in the gaming side of things.

Now it would appear that Messrs McVey and Topalion have parted company. The site proposed for Mr Topalion's licensed nightclub is in the basement of 33 Virginia Street.

"I want people to be happy," was one of Mr Topalion's favourite sayings, and with our city fathers' consent he might just get the chance.


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