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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Le Phonograph.

325 Hope Street, Glasgow. G2 Tel: 01413320905.


Le Phonograph

Le Phonograph. 1991.

This was originally Gershwins named after George Gershwin who was one of the most significant American composers of the 20th century, known for popular stage and screen numbers as well as classical compositions and his Jazz music.

In the NEWS 1979...

Shock 'NO' To A City Pub's Licence...

Two Glasgow business men who re-mortgaged their houses, borrowing £40,000, and ploughed the money into a pub today lost their application for a licence on a technicality.

The city's licensing board heard that the partners, Joseph Williamson and Alastair Goold, had sent off their renewal application in the post.

But, said advocate John Dowdalls, it had become "mislaid."


He told the board that the public house, Gershwin's in Hope Street, was one that the city "can ill afford to lose." He added that the pub entered mainly for young people.

Mr Dowdalls said, "Both partners have put their entire life savings into the business and they have re-mortgaged their houses and borrowed £40,000. There are 10 full time staff and 25 part timers.

"They will have to be paid off if this petition fails. "There has also been, in the past year, £50,000 spent on the interior."

The application for renewal should have been made five weeks before the sitting of the board. The board members ruled eight to four that the appropriate section of the Licensing Scotland Act, 1976, had not been adhered to and refused the application.

Neither partners had any comment to make after the case. Mr Dowdalls said they would be exercising the right to appeal. The Board also refused similar applications for two littlewoods stores and one Fine Fare store under similar circumstances.


In the NEWS 1979...

Pop into Pipps for Local Atmosphere...

Interior view of Gershwins 1979

A novel feature of the new bar is the cleverly designed darts area which should prove popular with customers. 1979.

There was a time when Glaswegians complained that there were few places where they could spend a pleasant evening in the city centre.

But their pleas were heard and new places to eat, drink and dance began to spring up. One of the best bars to hit Glasgow opened its doors almost two years ago at the top of Hope Street.

In an ambitious venture, Eagle Inns took over premises which used to be MacConnell's furniture shop and transferred park of them into Gershwins.


Now, Gershwins is a family meeting place, both at lunch-time and in the evening, when those in the 20 to 35 age group congregate for a drink and a chat.

Gershwins has just expanded its horizons. Adjacent to the existing lounge bar, a new, as yet unnamed, bar and a lounge called Pipps have just opened for business.

They had been scheduled to open last Christmas, exactly a year after the first phase began business, but hitches occurred and the opening date was deferred until last Friday.


But Pipps was well worth waiting for. A subdued military theme has been used by the designer, who explained that the name was derived from the pips which donate military rank.

The management thought, however, that two "ps" would look more eye-catching on the sign over the door. Inside, the colour scheme is a muted green and military red. A talented sculpture, George Wylie, produced the talking-point brass helmets, surmounted by Glasgow sparrows in various poses, which are in evidence in specially- designed niches on the walls.

Business is just starting to pick up in Pipps, but the owners aren't yet sure what type of clientele will prevail.


"We've seen quite a lot of couples so far," they said." "Their new public bar was designed to become the "Local" for the district. I was told, "There used to be a lot of pubs in the old Cowcaddens area, but most are gone now.

"All the people in the new flats need somewhere to go, so we hope they will come here." Decor in the new bar, where prices are a pleasant surprise, as public bar prices are in operation, has concentrated on natural materials such as brick, timber, and cork.

Dominoes and darts are available to make the place seem even more like a "Local." Heads are still being scratched, however, to choose a name which will register and be remembered.

Jokingly, one of Eagle Inns two partners suggested that a name finding competition might be necessary. Food is very much in the limelight in Gershwins, Pipps and the unnamed bar.

Although snacks are available at the bar, a full menu is offered at lunch time in two other areas. The chef produces standard meals each day, such as home-made steak pie, sirloin steak and southern fried chicken, and every week there is a speciality.

This week, it is veal cordon bleu. The menu starts with soup or juices and desserts include a delicious Black Forest gateau.


Some £200,000 has been spent on making the old MacConnell's furniture store into a place well worth a visit, either at lunch-time or in the evening.

And the adjacent car park (free after 7 p.m.) is another good reason for choosing this Glasgow hostelry. The 40 staff are especially pleasant and the surroundings are restful, and spotless.

Interior view of Gershwins lounge 1979

Customers enjoy a drink in the pleasant surroundings. 1979.

Relax with music and real ale...

Camra, Campaign for real ale, supporters will be pleased to learn of the new hostelry. As they relax under the concealed lighting and listen to a variety of music, from the sixties hits to standards they will be able to sup real ale.

Surprisingly, audiences from the Theatre Royal, directly across the road, haven't packed the place.

But the bar staff weren't surprised to find that when Billy Connelly was drawing the crowds on his appearance at the theatre, the audience streamed across the road!

Their plans at the Hope Street site haven't all been carried out yet. A still-empty area is being worked on just now and will open as a hairdressing salon around Christmas.

Gershwins Beer Mat

Gershwins Beer mat.

Pipps advert 335 Hope Street Glasgow

Pipps advert from 1979.


Now called Trader Joe's. 2007.

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's. 2007.


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