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Blythswood Bar.

97 Hope Street, Glasgow. G2 6LL.Tel: 01412217121.


Blythswood Bar

Blythswood Bar. 1991.

Blythswood Bar has been here since 1883. Now called the Toby Jug.

The Wright family owned this pub for over 60 years, the old bar and dinning rooms are now long gone along with the old collection of curios and an ornate snuff mull which was supposed to be of the hoof of Tam o' Shanter's grey mare Meg.

You could walk through the Blythswood Bar in Hope Street and come out of the Toby Jug in Waterloo Street. It was all part of the same bar. The Toby Jug was once the lounge and had its own entrance in Waterloo Street.

To Read more on the history of the Blythswood Bar click here.

Blythswood Interior

Interior view of the Blythswood Bar.

Toby Jug 2009

Update... The bar has changed its name to the Toby Jug. Photo taken 2008.

Toby Jug sign 2009


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