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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Caley Bar.

147 Springburn Road, Glasgow.


The Caley Bar was formerly called Hughes Bar, established by wine and spirit merchant James Hughes in 1875. Mr Hughes lived in nearby 17 Petershill Road, he belonged to the well known Springburn family of Hughes who had pubs and licensed grocers businesses in that area. Mr Hughes also owned a pub at 132 Castle Street. Other members of the Hughes family had pubs at 588 Springburn Road and 564-66 Springburn Road.

Over the years the pub lost the name Hughes Bar and a new name was put over the pub "The Caley Bar." At the end of the 1890s James's wife Catherine took over the license, she also held the license for the pub on Castle Street and the Waverley Bar, 708 Gallowgate, in the east end of the city. In 1902 John James Hughes became licensee followed by Thomas Bernard Hughes until the 1950s.

Do you remember John Young Nisbet who ran the pub in the 1970s.

The Caley Bar sat in-between the Cawder Vaults and Dougan's Bar.


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