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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Bauldy Baynes.

400 Springburn Road, corner of Palermo Street, Glasgow.


This old Springburn Road pub was established in 1879 by wine and spirit Merchant Frank A P Bennett., Frank stayed next door to the old pub at no. 404 Springburn Road. The pub was situated at the corner of Springburn Road and Palermo Street.

In 1882 George MacLachlan of G & J MacLachlan owned the property, all of their pubs were called Castle Vaults at one time. George and John MacLachlan were prominent wine and spirit Merchants and businessmen in Scotland and owned Castle Brewery having their offices at Castle Chambers Renfield Street, Glasgow. To read more Click here.

In 1909 Thomas Dow was license holder trading under the name of G & J MacLachlan Ltd, he ran the pub until the 1930s.

Over the years the pub has been known as the Castle Vaults, Carriages and Bauldy Baynes.

Joan M D Kemp took over the pub in the Second World War until 1960s. Do you remember John M McMillan who held the license from 1972, James McMillan ran the pub the following years before the pub closed for good and demolished like all the rest of the pubs in Springburn.


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