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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Dougan's Bar.

113 Springburn Road, Glasgow.


Dougan's Bar

Dougan's Bar is on the left hand side of this photograph taken in the 1960s.

Also see Dougan's Bar, Royston Road.

There has been licensed premises on this site since 1858, Donald McLeod occupied the premises until 1879. Mr McLeod also owned a public house at 147 Castle Street.

The address of the public house on Springburn Road was McLeod's Place, 113 Springburn Road. He lived next door at 115 before moving to Albert Cottage then Strathallan House, Lenzie.

In 1880 Ross Munro took over the pub, he also lived at 115 Springburn Road with his wife Mary. The Munro's had thirteen other neighbours living up their close at 115 Springburn Road, most of them working locally, Sarah Galbraith was a dining room keeper, Charles Thomson an engine fitter, he probably worked across the road in the Caly, Samuel Adams was a Railway carriage painter, Joseph Minelly a general labourer, Robert McCourt a foreman at St. Scavenger, Thomas Ross an engine fitter, John McFarlane, general labourer, Robert Welsh a chemical works labourer, Edwund Ewans an iron roller, Mary Askew, Euphemia Craig, Catherine Doherty a washer woman, Robert Sutherland a general labourer, most of these people lived with their families.

When Ross passed away his wife took control of the business until 1911, she took over another pub the Royal Bar, Stirling Road, this old pub sat at the corner of Glebe Street.

After the Second World War John Dougan became the new proprietor. The Dougan family also owned The Douglas Arms, (Dougan's) on the Gallowgate. Dougan's on Springburn Road was demolished in the early 1970s.


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