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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Clark's Bar.

222 Springburn Road corner of 1 Petershill Road, Glasgow.


Clark's Bar sat on a prominent site at the corner of Springburn Road and Petershill Road, facing Sighthill Cemetery. The pub was established by wine and spirit merchant George Clark in the early part of the 1870s. George lived virtually next door at 226 Springburn Road with his wife and children. In 1897 George's son George Walker Clark took over as landlord. A sign with the name George Clark with Wines & Spirits at each end of his name hung above the doorway, over the years George disappeared and the name Clark's Bar replaced the old one.

Mr Clark moved home in 1880 to better accommodation to a grand family house, Crosshill Villa, Uddingston, before moving out to Dullatur.

Clark's Bar was one of twenty pubs on Springburn Road. Springburn was very different than it is today, the streets were packed with people, there was no need to go into town for shopping, as Springburn had hundreds of family run shop.

During the First World War Isabella McMillan Clark, George's wife took over the licence, she continued to do so until the end of the 1930s. Generations of the Clark family ran the pub for over seventy five years.

Many will remember Mr John A McBeath one of the last licensee of Clark's Bar which was then owned by Usher's the brewers, Mr McBeath also ran the London Road Tavern, London Road and the Old Straw House, Gallowgate. Clarks Bar was demolished late 1970s.

It is interesting to know that Andrew Thomson who owned Thomson's Bar got his training from Clark's Bar.


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