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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Kerry Inn.

380-82 Springburn Road corner of Flemington Street, Glasgow.
The Kerry Inn

The Kerry Inn. 1970s.

The Kerry Inn sat at the corner of Springburn Road and Flemington Street. Wine and Spirit Merchant William Brownlie opened this pub in 1875, he also owned a pub on Sauchiehall Street.. The following year James Muirhead was landlord, he also owned a small pub at 122 Millburn Street, James lived at 181 Garscube Road before moving to New Keppochhill Road with his family.

Mr Muirhead continued to run a very successful business here until 1902 at which time he owned public houses at 147 Castle Street, 122 Millburn Street, 439-41 New Keppochhill Road, and 380-82 Springburn Road, he had better accommodation too and lived at Viewfield Villa, Springburn.

George Murray then became licensee, he ran the pub until the First World War. His wife Jean then took over as landlady until the 1930s. After the Second World War Mrs Jean L Tullis ran the pub.

Charles Smith owned the pub in the 1960s, the off license or family department was called the Kerry Inn and the Pub Smith's Bar. The locals found this quite amusing, the saying "i'm going to the Kerry Inn for a Kerry oot," was popular for years. You can still hear this in some of the pubs in Springburn today when the older generation reminisce.

Smiths Bar

Smith's Bar. 1960s.

Do you remember Eric MacKie who had the pub from 1966, Scottish & Newcastle Breweries took over the pub which closed down and demolished in the 1970s.


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