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London Road Tavern.

1285 London Road, Glasgow. G31 Tel: 01415542600.

London Road Tavern

London Road Tavern. 1991.

The London Road Tavern, photograph taken 1991.

This very old establishment is now only opened when the Football season is on. It has a very interesting history to read more click here.

London Road Tavern 2005

London Road Tavern. 2005.

Date of 1900

The date 1900 when the red sandstone tenement was erected.

Me Taits initials

The owners initials Edward A Tait.

Advert for the London Road Tavern

Advert for A R Tait London Road Tavern for Quality and Quick Service. Two minutes walk from Springfield Park.

London Road Tavern

A great read for anyone from the East End of the city, many good photographs of the Streets of Parkhead. Author Charles McDonald. Also visit


View of the Real McCoy London Road 2014

The London Road Tavern has now changed it's name to the Real McCoy, just in time for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Thanks to Colin Walker for the image.


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