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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


New Monaco Bar.

489 London Road, Glasgow. G40 1NH.


New Monaco Bar

The New Monaco Bar. 1991.

This old pub has now closed down.

To read the full history of this once popular pub click here.

New Monaco 2005

The New Monaco Bar, August 2005.

In 1893 Hugh Cowan was the popular manager of this old pub, Hugh was born in Kerara, near Oban, one of the most romantic spots in the West of Scotland. Mr Cowan came from a good stock, his father being a well-known farmer in the district and noted for his integrity and worth. Mr Cowan joined the staff at this pub in 1888, he was at once very popular with the customers who patronised the pub. Mr Cowan was a Director of the Employees' Benevolent Institution, Drury Street, Glasgow.

email from Jim Dillon...

In 1974, I played guitar with our small band the New Monaco in London Road...  We played in the pub for quite a while.. We had previously played in the Fireman’s Club, almost opposite the New Monaco..  The Fireman’s Club... had later become “SEQUENCE” before being burnt down..

Ian Hollis and band 1970s

This image of our wee band playing in the New Monaco.. Our singer (Ian Hollis) came from Green Street and had sung in many pubs/clubs around Bridgeton.. He died in 2000. Also see Jim Dillon playing guitar in the Fairfield Bar, Shettleston Road.

Thanks again Jim Dillon.

New Monaco Bar advert 1978

New Monaco Bar advert 1978.


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